Once upon a time...

...there was a group of breakfast fanatics nannies who would religiously meet every Saturday…

The Nanny Breakfast Club was conceived after numerous informal outings with my dearest nanny friends. Noticing the lack of community involvement and networking, I decided to make it official in January 2014. My vision was to have a consistent weekly gathering of nannies, a place to get to know each other and strengthen our nanny community. Since its conception, we have been meeting every Saturday in various breakfast joints around the state! We currently have over 100 nannies in this group and we keep on growing.

About US

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Thaty Oliveira


Devon Bushouse

Paying Forward, Mission and Values

I am today because I have been blessed to have incredible people who believed in me and in the quality of care I provide.

For the longest time, I used to say I was "spoiled" with some amazing families because I truly believe I have worked for the best ones, who have put me through college, presented me with a car, gym and country club memberships, plane tickets to visit my family in Brazil, just to name a few. I have been blessed, indeed but this is no luck. I realized these families valued my work and they have told me, themselves that I have earned every and single one of those "gifts." I also learned these "perks" are  not all that uncommon and there are more of these amazing families are out there, for those nannies who dedicate their lives to these families children with hard work and passion.

Every nanny should find these families! My professional and educational background are available to the nanny community; When we help one, we lift all. My personal wish is to connect with more nannies who love and excel at what they do and are proud of the quality of work they provide.

I am a life-long learner and I love learning from everyone because I believe we all have a lesson to teach. The Nanny Breakfast Club is diverse and inclusive. It has provided great opportunities for nannies to connect, support, and learn from one another. We are nannies but everyone who is interested to learn more about our nanny community is invited to join us. We are happy to have nannies partners and spouses, children, friends, etc. The more "outsiders" learn about the work that we do, the stronger we become.