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The Nanny Breakfast Club Gives Back!

Have you guys ever heard of #NanniesGiveBack ?

Nannies Give Back is an initiative created by Lora Brawley, from Nanny Care Hub, where nannies and nanny-related businesses from across the country come together in local communities to participate in a variety of volunteer projects that serve local residents. This is a wonderful opportunity to not only give back but also to introduce the children in our lives to the importance and rewards of service. Last year, The Nanny Breakfast Club raised over $300 to sponsor and serve meals to homeless women at Rosie's Place in Boston. We raised the money and then we had an amazing team of 10 volunteers who went to the shelter, prepared and served the meals! Oh, and yeah, we stayed and cleaned it all up afterwards too haha

Anyways, this year, we are joining forces with with National Domestic Radio, NDR, in order to raise funds to sponsor a family for an entire year with the SHARE YOUR LOVE FOUNDATION . See Campaign: HERE Share Your Love Foundation is dedicated to educating and helping parents realize the significant importance of a nurturing and loving home environment that provides their children a place to flourish and grow as individuals and members of society. By providing workshops, programs, tools and resources we give parents the insight to support their children’s emotional stability and well being. This gives their children the ability to reach their full potential. Each $300 we raise by #GivingTuesday November 29, will sponsor one family for an entire year!

Take a look! We can make this happen, right?! Let's do this!!!!

#NanniesAreAwesome Cheers!

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